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the amazing females of comic books!
Welcome to comicbookladies a members only community created solely to share images and media of all your favorite lovely ladies from the pages of american comics.

1. Any update involving a comic issue must not exceede "half" of the comic book. For example, if you're sharing scans of a 24 page issue of Birds of Prey, you can only share 12 pages. This is to protect the writers' freedom as well as our own community's well-being from being banned. Remember; the scans you do provide must be female-centric.

2. Don't start wank. Simple as that. Voicing opinions is fine, but the way you do it may start trouble. So be respectful of all members and the characters.

3. NSFW items must be behind a cut. Give a warning (a red font/slighty larger font/bold) so we know that some of the material you're submitted might not be suited for everyone.

4. Tags are as follow: scans, covers, screencaps, interior pages, pinups, fanart, previews, debate/discussion, dedication, fanmix, multimedia.

5. Want to request some girls to know more about them? Visit this thread!

6. Posting rules: No hotlinking! But that goes without being said. Tag your post as best as you can to the already predetermined tags above. Lock your post!

Below is the "multimedia/misc" section of what is allowed at comicbookladies:

- Fanmixes - Must be posted directly into our community. Do not link with a "fake cut/link" leading to another journal. Of course, the main focus of the fanmix should be a female (or pairing).

- Debates/Discussions - These are more for fun. It lets our community voice their opinion about a certain topic/character. HOWEVER, this in no means allows "bashing" posts. If the topic begins to go in that direction, it will be deleted. If you don't like a character, by all means -- don't hold back on your opinions, but do not be disrespectful.

- Youtubes - There will be no fan-videos allowed. However, clips from animated shows/webisodes will be allowed. Please try and post them in their entirety. If you have more then one youtube embedded video, please put it under an LJ cut.

- Dedication Posts - These posts are focused on a female which provides all types of photos. These may be done, but please put all photos/fanart underneath the cut except for a small preview image.

Can't think/find anything to post? Check these websites!

- Newsarama.com » Any important updates about characters? Announcements? Information in general!
- 4chan.org » The /co/ board is specially dedicated to comic books; you may find fanart or discussion ideas.
- Comicvine » The best site for comics! Profiles, issue #s, galleries & more!